Data-driven creative redesign lifts Fit Pregnancy’s email performance

Leading magazine publisher visually optimizes email campaigns with tactical advice from Experian CheetahMail’s creative experts


Through the strategic analysis of reporting data from our previous campaigns, Experian CheetahMail’s Creative Services team was able to accurately assess the preferences of our subscribers and design an engaging new email template that best fit their needs. Best of all, we’ve seen a great increase in the performance of our email program as a result.

- Kate Monahan
Producer/Ad Traffic Manager
Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy, a leading women’s magazine covering nutrition, exercise, psychology, fashion and beauty issues related to pregnancy, wanted to redesign their monthly online news bulletin in order to expand readership and heighten customer engagement. Experian CheetahMail’s Creative Services team worked with Fit Pregnancy to strategically design a new email template derived from a slew of creative best practices and reporting data from previous campaigns. As a result of their efforts, Fit Pregnancy was able to maximize subscriber interaction, strengthen brand integrity and increase vital customer engagement metrics.


  • Visually optimize email content
  • Engage new and existing subscribers
  • Strengthen brand identity across channels
  • Increase website visits and subscriber interaction


Fit Pregnancy’s monthly newsletter, FitPregnancy Bulletin, provides subscribers with the latest news and information pertaining to the health, education and wellness of expectant mothers-to-be. To ensure that this information was presented in the most impactful manner, Fit Pregnancy challenged Experian CheetahMail’s Creative Services team to embark on an innovative redesign of their existing email template with the goal of outperforming previous mailings.

As a first step, the team at Experian CheetahMail took a closer look at Fit Pregnancy’s prior campaign reporting data. This valuable information, automatically calculated and intuitively displayed in the CheetahMail application, provided real-time insight into a wide variety of email metrics such as volume sent, bounces, opens, clicks, unsubscribes and complaints. One major area of interest proved to be the ‘product recall’ link taking subscribers to an updated list of potentially dangerous consumer goods; a review of Fit Pregnancy’s campaign data showed that this link alone garnered 50 percent of the newsletter’s average clickthrough activity, generating more customer interaction than any other section.

To capitalize on this finding and provide subscribers with quick access to the information they most desired, Experian CheetahMail’s Creative Services team placed the product recall link in two places on the email template: above the fold in the form of an apparent, standalone button, and in the ‘News to Use’ section as a text link. A number of other navigational elements were also shifted around within the template design based on reporting data from past campaigns.

A top navigation bar was added to provide subscribers with quick and convenient access to main topics of interest, while each of the content sections within the template was condensed to reduce the length of the email. This creative best practice helped Fit Pregnancy alleviate the subscribers’ need to scroll down, making it easier to view all of the message content.

To further enhance the visual impact of the email while preserving the integrity of the overall design, Experian CheetahMail used simple background colors coupled with varying font sizes and clean graphical treatments. In addition, more lifestyle imagery and photography was added to improve readability and create a more engaging template to interact with.


Through careful analysis of Fit Pregnancy’s email campaigns pre- and post- creative redesign, Experian CheetahMail’s Creative Services Team was able to discern that the new template successfully yielded more subscriber activity and engagement than previous versions. (See results, below)

Redesigned version

13.2% higher
Unique clickers
22% higher

Looking ahead

Now equipped with a high-performing, user-friendly HTML email template, Fit Pregnancy is working with their Experian CheetahMail account team to quickly and easily update newsletter content and imagery each month. Fit Pregnancy continues to work closely with their account team to mold other aspects of their email marketing strategy around similarly impactful campaign performance metrics.